The Suez Crisis 1956 (Essential Histories)

The Suez Crisis 1956 (Essential Histories)

Derek Varble

Language: English

Pages: 96

ISBN: 1841764183

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

In July 1956 Egyptian President Gamal Nasser nationalized the Suez Canal, causing immediate concern to Britain and France. They already opposed Nasser and were worried at the threat to maritime traffic in the Canal. This book traces the course of subsequent events. Together with Israel, Britain and France hatched a plot to occupy the Canal Zone and overthrow Nasser. Israel attacked Sinai, and Britain and France launched offensives throughout Egypt, but strategic failures overshasdowed tactical success. Finally, Britain, France and Israel bowed to international pressure and withdrew, leaving the Suez Canal, and Egypt, firmly in the hands of President Nasser.

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forcing him to the low ground east of Heitan Defile. From above came small arms and machine gun fire. Upon consolidating his brigade, Sharon pondered his next move. Attacking Mitla Pass seemed tactically attractive, but standing orders prohibited any such action. Also, darkness and tog obscured visibility; these factors, in tandem with troop fatigue, restricted his short-term choices. Dawn found Sharon impatiently surveying his surroundings. His unease had several sources, first, he and his

of Port Said's harbour (Topham Picturepoint) The fighting with several objectives. A Company assaulted Gamil's control tower and western end, B Company attacked the east, and C Company sought the airfield's center. Air contact teams observers who arranged aerial and naval support - accompanied these three units. Under canopy, all British formations came under fire. Before Telescope Modified, air strikes silenced some but not all Egyptian resistance at Gamil. Equipment limitations prevented

devices were available on street corners, offered to anyone hoping to resist the imminent invasion. Probably just a small percentage of Port Said's civilians participated in hostilities. Nonetheless their "people's war" had significance. Relentless sniping forced Royal Marines to seek armored protection when moving along city streets, hindering their advance. Armed civilians concealed themselves inside Port Said's buildings; the threat they posed slowed the progress of soldiers engaged in

CANADIAN ARMY AT WAR 0850456851 MAA 174 THE KOREAN WAR 1950-53 0850458420 MAA 205 US ARMY COMBAT EQUIPMENTS 1910-88 0850459362 MAA 214 US INFANTRY EQUIPMENTS 1775-1910 1855322277 MAA 250 ARGENTINE FORCES IN THE FALKLANDS ORDER OF BATTLE (OOB) Unit-by-unit troop movements and command strategies of major battles Contact us for more details - see below AIRCRAFT OF THE ACES (ACES) Experiences and achievements of 'ace' fighter pilots 1855325012 1855326086 MAA 293 THE RUSSIAN CIVIL WAR

time to read part or all of this manuscript. Both made many useful suggestions regarding content, grammar and style. The staff at Osprey Publishing showed kindness and patience in bringing this project to fruition.Their assistance transformed my freewheeling prose into a tighter more organized narrative. Our collaboration has, I think, resulted in a volume that at the very least provides a summary of a complex, fascinating historical era. Responsibility for mistakes or omissions in this

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