The Talbot Odyssey

The Talbot Odyssey

Nelson DeMille

Language: English

Pages: 544

ISBN: 0446358584

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub



For forty years Western intelligence agents have known a terrible secret: the Russians have a mole -- code-named Talbot -- inside the CIA. At first Talbot is suspected of killing European agents. Then a street-smart ex-cop uncovers a storm of espionage and murder on the streets of New York, while in a Long Island suburb a civic demonstration against the Russian mission masks a desperate duel of nerves and wits.

Engineered by Talbot, a shadow world of suspicion and deceit is spilling onto the streets -- leading to a new Soviet weapon and a first-strike war plan threatening the foundations of American government.

For the U.S., time is running out. For Talbot, the time is now.

Devil May Care (James Bond)

The Fist of God

The Sisters

Deathly Deception: The Real Story of Operation Mincemeat















that the ghost of her father would reach out to her. She read on: The circumstances involving your father’s death in Berlin were, I think, quite mysterious, dying as he did some days after the end of the war. I never had much faith in the official version of what happened. Also, your father said to me once, “Eleanor, if I should die without at least a dozen reliable witnesses to testify that it was from completely natural causes, you’ll know the Russians finally got me.” I replied, “Henry,

still alive. The brightly lit roof was about two hundred feet ahead and a hundred feet below, and their angle of glide might or might not intercept it. Grenville glanced quickly back at the mysterious sixth man, who was now guiding his chute toward the illuminated forecourt that covered nearly an acre of flat grass and gravel. Collins also watched the sixth man float farther away. Collins didn’t know who the man was, only that he didn’t belong there. Collins raised his rifle, put it on full

waiting—some kind of deli catering van. A bunch of guys unload real quick and wave me off. Christ, I still didn’t know they were Russians until about a month later I see an aerial picture of the place in the Times. There was some flap over taxes and beach passes or something. Never got a tip, either.” Thorpe nodded. “What was written on that deli van?” The pilot looked quickly at Thorpe. “I don’t know. Can’t remember.” “Did anyone speak to you about that trip?” “No.” Thorpe rubbed his chin.

arrow pointing south at a stenciled silhouette of the Empire State Building. Beside the arrow were the words GROUND ZERO, 0.4 MILES. Katherine noticed it and said, “What drivel.” He’d seen these all over the city, with arrows pointing toward the Empire State Building and the distance given. “People are afraid,” said Abrams. “There’s nothing to fear,” said Katherine, “except fear itself.” “Oh, I think a ten-megaton missile falling on Thirty-fourth Street would give me the jitters.” “This

central command post in times of national emergency, such as war or a stock market crash. The theory is that the President could command and control better. You get the idea.” “Yes, I do. Sounds risky.” “Well, it would be if somehow all computers could be accessed simultaneously and all computer language translated into one language. Then it’s at least theoretically possible that someone with evil intent could… cause complete havoc.” “Sounds pretty grim.” “It would be disastrous.” She looked

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