The Teen Rebels, Episode 4

The Teen Rebels, Episode 4

Jacquel Chrissy May

Language: English

Pages: 31

ISBN: 1:00034101

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Episode 4: A Day That No Groundhogs Came

Josie Tremlett-Kahn, Moira Downing, Seth Burke, and Trixie Kalbrunner are forced to work with Marion Henderson, a bully who once cut Josie's hair and ruined her life. They decide to expose him for the bully that he is and that unleashes some tough school policies that none of the Rebels are prepared to deal with.

Plays Political (The Apple Cart, On the Rocks, Geneva)

Le Vrai sang

carried away on the crest of a wave

O Homem como Invenção de Si Mesmo: Monólogo em Um Ato

Days with Indigo




















objectionable; parental guidance is advised. All rights reserved. Where We Last Left Off When the Teen Rebels get Trixie enrolled at Montagne Beach Middle School as a student, which doesn't turn out too well. Trixie takes on a different identity and deals with Sheila, Moira puts a cruel classmate in his place, and Jacey teaches Sheila a brutal lesson about messing with her. Chapter 1 Early Freedom Josie, Seth, Moira, and Trixie were sitting in their usual spot in the library; 24

be in the same room as him, let alone work on a class project with him," said Josie. "I heard that," Marion turned around and snapped at them. "Now you better not be giving me no problems or I'm gonna make you sorry. You hear?" "Oh, you don't want us to give you problems, yet you cause trouble for everyone else?" Josie snapped at him. "You do realize that nobody here likes you because you are nothing but a cruel excuse of a person who makes Sheila Baines look like a harmless kitten."

have never been more disappointed in someone. Not only has he refused to help with the project, he has bullied Mary Joanne out of the group." Everyone now glared at Marion, who gasped at them and glared at the Teen Rebels. "In fact, he turned in an essay that had nothing to do with the project, and everything to do with Mary Joanne." He began to read the following essay: "I don't know why you're all so concerned about Moira Downing; she's a whore and you should all know that by now. "Did you

this house; for the last few years, it's been just me and her. Sometimes, my mother-in-law stops by, but it's not enough. Once I had wanted a large family, but after two difficult childbirths, the second of which had almost killed Moira and myself, I know that that's never going to happen. My late husband opted to adopt some children, but we were denied that option, so there you have it." Josie shook her head, wondering why the woman was spilling out her life story to the world. Not even Joyce

and Eugene because Carter was mentally retarded. Please deal with this case as soon as possible." Marion left the police station and went home; he was suspended from school for two weeks following his "confessions" of bullying various students, Josie included, and Mrs. Carker gave him a stern warning to either shape up or else he would not be promoted to go to Montagne Beach High School with the rest of his class. He was ordered to leave the Teen Rebels alone for the rest of the year as well.

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