The Teen Rebels, Episode 5

The Teen Rebels, Episode 5

Jacquel Chrissy May

Language: English

Pages: 30

ISBN: 1:00034502

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Episode 5: 10 Days of Pain

Josie Tremlett-Kahn, Moira Downing, Seth Burke, and Trixie Kalbrunner face off against Sheila Baines (the bully at their school) when rumors about her committing a crime against a small boy Josie knew surfaces.

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Josie tired to protect him from Sheila's cruelty, but this was too much for her to bear. Josie truly wanted to get rid of Sheila now. "Tell me that it's not true," she cried out in pain. "It is," said Trixie. "I know Sheila Baines had something to do with it. I just know it." "But still, what are we going to do about Carter?" said Josie. "I've known the McMillan family since I first came here in 1982; I was Carter's special school buddy during my time at Montagne Beach Elementary School. I

them," said Josie. "I always knew that Lena would never go down without a fight and Eugene can snap a bone if he wants to. Maybe they got away from the bad guys and are hiding somewhere. Who knows?" Just then, Seth and Moira walked into the Teen Rebels' hiding spot, putting an end to all talk about the probability of the survival of Lena and Eugene McMillan. Josie and Trixie silently agreed to talk about Lena and Eugene later; they, Seth and Moira were still planning for the Bully Conference,

and they had invited scores of students who had been bullied by Sheila to come to the school. They were named Ronnie Sutton, Talia Mullins, Tim Lamar, Irish Collins, and Lily Soliz to speak at the conference; those kids had been bullied by Sheila and they were eager to get her back for all the years that she had made fun of them or was mean to them. Jacey was not forgotten; she blamed Sheila for ruining her life even though it was Seth who had done the dirty deed. She too had known the Baines

going to speak at the conference. Donald and Wanda Baines were also there, along with their children, Cameron and Amirah. The Baines family sat in the second row, just a few feet from Colonel Harvey Mayford. Joyce Mayford was not present. "Good," said Josie as she adjusted the ribbon in her hair and straightened up her clothes. "I can't wait to knock down the Baines family for even adopting a monster like Sheila. Somebody needs to pay for that mistake." "I say that we should find Sheila's birth

to say about Josie and her friends), Sindy didn't have much to say in regards to the Teen Rebels. But what she knew was that her daughter had some explaining to do in regards to her recent activities… . Epilogue "We'll, I can't say that I approve of your friendship with my daughter," Sindy said as she stared at Moira, Seth, and Trixie (who were discovered in Josie's room a few minutes earlier), "but I can't see Josie being your friend." "I most certainly don't like you," said Skylar, "and

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