The Teen Rebels, Episode 6

The Teen Rebels, Episode 6

Jacquel Chrissy May

Language: English

Pages: 27

ISBN: 1:00034531

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Episode 6: Love Stinks!

It's Valentine's Day, but none of the Teen Rebels are feeling the love; especially since they discovered that even if they had gotten rid of Sheila, they could not eradicate her evil deeds.

Sheila (along with an adult) has constructed a "dating list", which ranks the kids of Montagne Beach Middle School on their "datability". Josie deals with a tough crush while Trixie deals with a shocking secret regarding her.

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to date boys and then dump them after a week. Riley Fulton - eighth grade student at Montagne Beach Middle School. Benjamin Fernandez - eighth grade student at Montagne Beach Middle School. Moira's ex-boyfriend. John Henley - eighth grade student at Montagne Beach Middle School. a gay student. Aileen Castle - eighth grade student at Montagne Beach Middle School. eighth grade president. James Conway - seventh grade student at Montagne Beach Middle School. Other characters June Tempest,

dating list," said Josie with a sneer on her face. "The dating list is nothing more than a way to humiliate and isolate teenagers who are seen as "ugly", "stupid", and just plain "worthless", making them ineligible to experience the simple act of dating. The dating list is evil and selfish. The dating list is a part of the system." "And we don't need to be a part of the system," said Seth in anger. "Nobody is going to make my name part of their system at all!" "And neither will my name be part

the driveway of the McMillan house. The place had been searched and then closed off to the public. There was still police tape surrounding the house, and already someone had started a makeshift memorial consisting of flowers and stuffed toys to the family on the front porch of the house. The same front porch that Josie had played on whenever she could get some time away from her family and hang out with Carter. Josie was sure that if she was really quiet, she could still hear Eugene, Lena, and

“Like some kind of man-stealer,” said Moira. Sally snapped, “This isn’t over, Teen Rebels! You may have destroyed young love, but you cannot stop me! You will pay for this!” She stormed off as Jacey came to them, saying, “Good riddance! I hope to never see the likes of her again! “ “But she’s going after us for destroying middle school romance,” said Seth. “As I recall, we exposed the list to nearly everyone in the school.” “Yeah, and that too,” said Trixie. As the other kids continued

Characters Jacinth (Jacey) Mayford - a girl of 13 years. Eighth grade student at Montagne Beach Middle school. Joyce Mayford (given name: Nguy Thi Tien) – Jacey’s mother Lieutenant Colonel Harvey Mayford – Jacey’s father Sheila Baines - a girl of 16 years. Chronic repeat eighth grade student at Montagne Beach Middle School. A bully. Johnse Mayhew - Josie's uncle Sarana Stebbins Mayhew - Josie's aunt Rajasthan Kalbrunner - Josie's uncle and Trixie's father Alexander Kalbrunner -

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