The Tower of the Elf King (The Secrets of Droon, Book 9)

The Tower of the Elf King (The Secrets of Droon, Book 9)

Tim Jessell, Tony Abbott

Language: English

Pages: 27

ISBN: 2:00335628

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A hidden door. A magical staircase. Discover the world of Droon! Somebody has robbed the Lumpies' village! And it can't be Lord Sparr - because he has mysteriously disappeared. The rumor is that a terrible beast is behind the crime. So Eric, Julie and Neal set off with Khan and Princess Keeah to find the creature. Instead they find a big surprise!

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shapes until she could be human again. At the end of their last adventure, Keeah had learned that the queen was now in the form of a red tiger. To find her, Keeah had flown away on the back of a giant bird. The kids didn’t know what had happened next. “I wish we could go back whenever we want,” said Eric. “I don’t like waiting.” Usually, the kids dreamed about Droon. Sometimes Keeah sent them a message through an enchanted soccer ball. But until one of those things happened, Eric and his

through the back of one of the tents and stopped with a thud. Yellow light flooded over him. Eric squinted. Then he stared. Right into the face of a fierce red Ninn! Eric gaped at the face before him. It was a Ninn, all right. The chubby red cheeks. The sharp chin. The pointed ears that stuck out to the side. The deep-set black eyes the size of marbles. But this one was different from any other Ninn Eric had ever seen. This one was wearing a dress! “What you?” grunted the Ninn, leaning

voice boomed as loud and as deep as thunder. “Elves?” said Neal. “But where are the rosy cheeks? The twinkling eyes? The cute little hat? That’s what elves are supposed to look like.” “Give up your treasure or we shall fight you!” Gryndal roared. “Come, my elves!” A bunch of other creatures jumped from the rocks. But they weren’t like Gryndal at all. There were six of them. They were three feet tall and wore long orange cloaks. Their faces were hidden by huge hoods. Each had a sack over its

Friddle whispered. “And still alive!” said Eric as they crawled through the nose of the cart and into the tower. Friddle remained behind. “I’ll draw the Ninns’ attention away from you. You’ll be safe to search for your treasure. Good luck, my new friends!” Keeah slung her harp firmly over her shoulder and shook Friddle’s small hand. “Thank you for helping us. And thank you for making my harp even more precious to me. We’ll see you again soon. That’s a promise!” “I hope to be of service,

scrambled up behind them. “Not even spoons will save us now — we’re doomed!” Eric’s knees felt weak. His stomach fluttered. But he kept climbing, hand over hand, up the side of the tower. Then, suddenly, there they were. Two enormous silver birds swooping down from the sky. The air hummed as the soarwings circled the tower. Sunlight glinted off their feathers in a rainbow of colors. At last, Eric tugged himself to the tower’s top. Standing before him was a huge mound of shimmering gold and

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