The Watcher in the Shadows (Inquisitor's Apprentice (Quality))

The Watcher in the Shadows (Inquisitor's Apprentice (Quality))

Language: English

Pages: 336

ISBN: 054422776X

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

At the turn of the twentieth century, New York’s Bowery District becomes the scene of a terrible murder when the Klezmer King gets fried to a crisp by his Electric Tuxedo—on stage! The Inquisitor’s apprentice, thirteen-year-old Sacha Kessler, tries to help find the killer, but the closer he gets to solving the crime, the more it sounds as if the creature that haunted him in his first adventure is back. Worse still, his own family is in danger. Sacha has avoided learning magic until now, but as his world falls apart around him, he changes his mind.

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scholars have held this cup—and some who would have known how to undo the damage Morgaunt did when he summoned your dybbuk. It is their wisdom you must look to. The wisdom of men who made it their life’s work to repair the universe. That is where your answers lie, and not in the rough spellsmithing of men who see magic only as a tool to slake their selfish appetites.” “Then help me,” Sacha pleaded. “Teach me!” “But how can I help you? What am I to teach you? There’s a reason those books you

rose. “Aha. Now we’re getting to it. Are you sure you came here on your own? Or is Wolf still trying to drag me into his fight with Morgaunt?” “No! I swear he doesn’t even know I’m here! I just want to help Sam!” “Is that so?” Meyer said dangerously. “Yes!” “Heads or tails? And you better think damn carefully about your answer if you want to walk out of here instead of getting carried out.” Minsky’s hand was still clapped over the coin on the desk. Sacha tried to swallow, but all the spit

Behind their newspapers, Sacha’s father and uncle collapsed in simultaneous coughing fits. “Whaddaya say we just walk around the block a couple times when she gets home? Dat okay wid you?” Thankfully, Sacha was saved from having to say what he thought of this plan by Bekah herself. “I really do think we’re making progress,” she said as she breezed through the door, already unwinding her scarf and unpinning her hat from her short curls. “Today I actually got one of the Pinkertons to accept a

crazy,” he insisted. “You know it is. Mama would do anything for us!” He stared at Bekah, horrified by what he had just said—and horrified by the look on Bekah’s face. “That’s exactly my point,” Bekah said. CHAPTER TWENTY-THREE Lily Rides the Subway THE NEXT MORNING, Sacha heard the sound he’d been fearing all along: the firm rat-a-tat-tat of a stranger knocking at the door. By sheer good luck, it was Saturday morning. His father and grandfather were at temple. Mordechai was at the People’s

town and was only a mouthwatering block and a half from their apartment on Hester Street. But Meyer Minsky had once visited Benny Fein’s mother in the apartment upstairs from theirs, arriving in his canary yellow limousine with his pockets full of candy for all the neighborhood kids—and the taste of that candy was one of the sweetest memories of Sacha’s life. “But I guess you wouldn’t want to be seen walking into the candy store,” Goldfaden said hesitantly. “It’d give people the wrong idea.”

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