Through The Hoops

Through The Hoops

Jimmy Cummins

Language: English

Pages: 130

ISBN: 1782373063

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The true story of the Hoops and Irish Goalkeeper tracing back his young years growing up at the foot of the Dublin Mountains, through his six successful years with Shamrock Rovers at Milltown and then on to the infamous Government Stockbroker Inquiry, which virtually made him an outcast and an exile from the land and the people he loved. For the first time, Jimmy releases documentary evidence substantiating his claims of impropriety against the Irish Government Stockbrokers Butler & Briscoe, evidence "disbarred" and buried by the Committee of Inquiry. Here then is the story of a young man who dared to stand against corruption, fraud and abuse of power at the highest levels of Irish financial life, and in the end paid a very high price.


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purposes it seemed as if we had never left Dublin at all. Although my League of Ireland career was diminishing, gradually taking lots of hits from bigger forwards as I slowed down, I loved the social scene in Dublin and with the assistance of the many good friends I had made in J. & E. Davy Sharebrokers and my current new colleagues in Butler & Briscoe, I established a Stock Exchange Social Club with outings, tennis games and of course football challenge matches against the various banks and

plans to return to Australia and I requested him to approach the Stock Exchange re Membership before I left. This led to a heated argument and he stressed that even at this stage, less than two years, the application would have to include a Butler and Briscoe secondment. If I waited until the two years was up on 1st June 1980, he said that he would make the approach, but only on condition that, (a) I write out a letter of Resignation to Riada and Co. and accompany it with a (b) Letter of Intent

have taken this course. I do of course have access to copies of documents substantiating the assertions contained in this letter.” Yours faithfully, James A Cummins.” My world exploded around me. Chapter 17 STOCK EXCHANGE INQUIRY ANNOUNCED Mr. O'Briain decided that the allegations were so serious as to contact the London Stock Exchange with recommendations as to the necessity for a Central Stock Exchange enquiry. His recommendations were accepted and the Inquiry was initiated. The

this had to be done within two years of his leaving Butler & Briscoe that firm would have been required to provide a seconder. Mr. Cummins replied that he had a letter from Riada to say that they would go ahead with his application in June 1980. The Chairman asked if Mr. Cummins’s relationship had soured at the time Butler & Briscoe would not second him, and he replied that it did. The firm would not give a reason to Riada’s senior Partner, Mr. Shanley, to Mr. Cummins’s wife or to Mr. Cummins.

that my allegations were completely true. I had tamed the school bully Leslie Higgins many years ago and surely I could also tame these ‘mongrels’. My initial motivation had been to protect Fergus Briscoe against the bullying tactics of Beaton and Grehan and this had developed into downright indignation at the discovery of their shonky business practices and the refusal to honour promises made to me for fear of strengthening my hand should I decide to blow the whistle on them. But a new and

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