Through Wolf's Eyes (Wolf, Book 1)

Through Wolf's Eyes (Wolf, Book 1)

Jane Lindskold

Language: English

Pages: 608

ISBN: 0812575482

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Firekeeper only vaguely remembers a time when she didn't live with her "family," a pack of "royal wolves"-bigger, stronger, and smarter than normal wolves. Now her pack leaders are sending her back to live among the humans, as they promised her mother years ago.

Some of the humans think she may be the lost heir to their throne. This could be good-and it could be very, very dangerous. In the months to come, learning to behave like a human will turn out to be more complicated than she'd ever imagined.

But though human ways might be stranger than anything found in the forest, the infighting in the human's pack is nothing Firekeeper hasn't seen before. That, she understands just fine. She's not your standard-issue princess-and this is not your standard-issue fairy tale.

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General would stock in quantity for the field hospital.” “So they want you to buy some,” Derian prompted. “Yes.” Jared smiled. “In short, I need to find an apothecary who will not gossip, preferably one who is loyal to Hawk Haven. Can you help me?” Derian considered. “What are the ingredients you need?” After Jared had told him, Derian smiled encouragingly. “Some of those are used for horses as well as people. We can buy those from a farrier I know and none the wiser. The last few … Yes, I

them. Light music performed by scattered musicians filtered its way between conversations, creating an illusion of privacy. Here, tense beneath her superficial composure, Firekeeper witnessed the first meeting of King Tedric of Hawk Haven with his nephew, Duke Allister Seagleam of Bright Bay. She had been long enough among humans by now to see them with something closer to their own eyes. From that newly expanded perspective, crowned in silver set with rubies and gowned in regal scarlet trimmed

meant that Nanny too had drunk the sleeping draught. Elise’s part in the exchange of the necklace was completed. And indeed after another round of their game, Lady Melina yawned, delicately patting her lips with a beringed hand. “I apologize, dear Elise. It must be all your good food on top of rising with the sun. I am so tired I can hardly keep my eyes open.” Opal blinked owlishly. “Me, too. May I beg to be excused?” Elise feigned drowsiness herself. “Of course. Let me walk you back to your

“Compromise is the weapon of peace. As many of you know, I first came here on my quest for a fitting heir. Part of my compromise for peace was agreeing to name that heir publicly. But before I do so, Queen Gustin has an important announcement of her own to make.” As the queen moved slightly forward to take over, a low murmur rippled through the throng to be instantly quelled by her gaze. “As Stonehold’s perfidy has demonstrated,” Queen Gustin said in a firm yet musical voice, “neither Hawk

they eked out their living selling furs and burning charcoal, but that can’t go on forever. The animals either die or get smart enough to leave and you run out of hardwood. “So they had to take to serious farming, a thing that apparently didn’t delight my great-great-whatever-grandfather a whole lot. When the fellow who would become the first Duke of Norwood called for volunteers to support Zorana Shield against that skunk, Gustin Sailor, Grandpappy went happily. He did well, too, gaining both

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