Tight Rein (Saddle Club #57)

Tight Rein (Saddle Club #57)

Language: English

Pages: 144

ISBN: 0553483706

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Will Stevie Lake be allowed to go to riding camp?

Stevie Lake has been grounded.  No hanging out with the other members of The Saddle Club.  Even worse, Stevie's not allowed to ride!  It's going to take all her wackiness, and a little help in the scheming department from Carole Hanson and Lisa Atwood, to talk her parents into letting her go to riding camp.  Can Stevie clean up her act in time?  If she doesn't, summer is going to be a complete bust!

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friends who knew everything. This was one time Lisa wanted to learn something on her own. She groomed Barq, tacked him up, and led him into the outdoor arena. Some of the pole grids from Saturday’s lesson were still in place, and Lisa quickly reassembled the others. She moved some of the poles to normal trot length and others to extended trot. She didn’t keep any of them at short trot length, because she knew Barq was already good at that. As she mounted, Lisa gave herself a little pep talk.

“I’ll watch her now,” Lisa commanded. “You two go.” She had to get Carole out of here before she ruined everything. Carole was just about to explode with laughter. Chad heard the urgency in Lisa’s voice and understood that she didn’t want Carole upset any further. “Let’s go,” he said gently. He put his hand on Carole’s shoulder and guided her down the aisle. Carole, overcome, covered her face with her hands. Lisa steeled herself against a similar outburst. It wouldn’t be so funny, she thought,

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Pine Hollow’s stable hand. Carole nodded glumly. “Well,” she said with a sigh, “should we go on a trail ride?” “I guess so,” Lisa said. Even though she loved trail rides, she didn’t feel very enthusiastic about going on one today. Trail rides weren’t the same without Stevie. Even out in the beautiful green woods, Lisa’s spirits failed to lift. When she wasn’t thinking about the disaster of the night before, and the horror of Stevie’s not being with them at camp, she found herself thinking

don’t have a plan! Or if we do, I don’t know about it!” “I know,” Lisa said. “We don’t have one.” “Then why did you tell Stevie we did?” “We’ll get one,” Lisa replied. Even though groveling to Stevie’s parents hadn’t helped, Lisa still felt confident. “Besides,” she continued, “I didn’t want Stevie to feel desperate. If she feels desperate, she’ll come up with a plan of her own, and who knows what’ll happen then.” Carole shuddered. Usually it was Stevie who came up with their plans, and

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