To Be or Not To Be: A Chooseable-Path Adventure

To Be or Not To Be: A Chooseable-Path Adventure

Language: English

Pages: 368

ISBN: 0735212198

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The greatest work in English literature, now in the greatest format of English literature: a chooseable-path adventure!
When Shakespeare wrote Hamlet he gave the world just one possible storyline, drawn from a constellation of billions of alternate narratives.  And now you can correct that horrible mistake! Play as Hamlet and avenge your father's death—with ruthless efficiency this time. Play as Ophelia and change the world with your scientific brilliance. Play as Hamlet's father and die on the first page, then investigate your own murder… as a ghost! Featuring over 100 different endings, each illustrated by today's greatest artists, incredible side quests, fun puzzles, and a book-within-a-book instead of a play-within-a-play, To Be or Not To Be offers up new surprises and secrets every time you read it.

You decide this all sounds extremely excellent, and that you will definitely purchase this book right away.  Because as the Bard said: “to be or not to be… that is the adventure.”

...You're almost certain that's how it goes.

To Be or Not To Be originally launched as a record-breaking Kickstarter project. This new, reader-friendly edition features the same text and illustrations as the original version, redesigned to take up half as many pages and weigh a whole pound less.

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living out of the far too hot and humid southern climate that is Tampa, Florida. He draws stuff for all sorts of things although currently most of his time is being spent on his all-ages, sci-fi series, Cleopatra in Space, for Scholastic/Graphix. Mike has a loving wife who supports him, a toddler who thinks he is the greatest thing ever, and two Siamese cats who tolerate his existence inside of their home. (1) David Malki! is the author of the comic strip Wondermark, co-editor of

And today must be your lucky day, my friend, because...” » “you just rubbed shoulders with royalty.” « » “someone finally fixed that chip on your shoulder.” « » “nobody’s going to be looking over your shoulder anymore!” « * * * * * * The pirate captain screams in rage, charging you with his sword. You deftly parry and sidestep, ending up behind him. The two of you circle each other, flurries of swordplay erupting whenever one of you detects an opportunity. Despite his

He personally kills you himself! His last words to you are “If you had all that time alone with the body, why didn’t you try to dispose of it in a more reasonable way? Sheesh.” He stabs you. “Sheesh,” he says again, stabbing you to death. THE END * * * » Restart? « * * * You whistle and sit yourself down on the floor in the middle of the room. That seems a little awkward, so you stretch out on your side, your arm supporting your head and your other arm resting on your hips.

would be the second one.” He pauses, then holds up a third finger. “OR I’m going to ghost-die some day, which is bad.” “Not that bad,” you say. “After all, you’ve died once before and you came through it alright. You can float now.” “True,” says the ghost, floating. “Okay. So! Are you guys in or what? Will you murder Claudius and avenge my death??” » Tell the ghost you are in « » Tell the ghost you are out « * * * * * * Yes! Let’s definitely murder someone!! “We’re in,”

you’re surrounded by decaying corpses, and also Laertes and Polonius know you killed everyone and could kill them at any time, not to mention that you’re always keeping them at swordpoint. “Aren’t we having fun?” you ask, throwing your arms around the shoulders of your family members. “Aren’t we one big happy family?” Polonius and Laertes laugh awkwardly and mumble, “Yeah.” You squeeze their shoulders, too hard. “It’s great,” squeaks Laertes. That evening, you don’t come across any ghosts.

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