To Hawaii, with Love (Spy Goddess, Book 2)

To Hawaii, with Love (Spy Goddess, Book 2)

Michael P. Spradlin

Language: English

Pages: 208

ISBN: B005OL868S

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub


Wisecracking Beverly Hills brat Rachel Buchanan doesn't exactly have an ordinary life. For one thing, she attends Blackthorn Academy, which is secretly a training school for spies. Then there's her arch–nemesis, who's convinced that Rachel is this ancient goddess reincarnated to stop his evil plans.

It all sounds pretty lame to Rachel. But then she discovers that the bad guy's trail leads directly to Hawaii...and surely there'll be some time for surfing in between all the getting kidnapped and leaping out of helicopters–right?

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through them, found a letter that Agent Tyler had faxed to Mr. Kim, and traced over Agent Tyler’s signature. It was a really good forgery. “You realize this is probably a huge felony. Impersonating an FBI agent or something,” I said. I wanted to make sure he wasn’t the only one that was aware of all the rules. “I’m not impersonating an agent,” he said. “I’m impersonating an agent’s letter. Besides, if we get caught, you’ll be in so much more trouble as the ringleader of this little operation

would fly down from the ceiling and burn me to a cinder. All quiet. I clutched the statue tightly in my arms and started back toward the wall of light. I had to carry it close to my stomach with both hands. It was awkward and I kind of staggered under the weight of it. I was about halfway across the room when I sensed something was wrong. For a moment I thought I heard laughter, that same weird guttural laughter that I heard before on the ship. Surely my ears were playing tricks. Then I heard a

all over the place, and all of a sudden a bunch of guys in black ninja suits with machine guns popped up out of the ground. At least that’s what it seemed like. I had no idea where they’d come from. Then I recognized Mr. Kim’s voice. “Rachel, hit the ground!” he shouted. There were lights flashing all over everywhere and it was confusing and everyone was shouting. I tried to drop to the ground, but Dumber and Dumb grabbed me and left me sort of hanging in midair. Blankenship was shouting for

then, the hotel van delivered a bunch of new hotel guests from the airport and the lobby filled up with about twenty more people. It got noisy and busy. From watching them it was obvious that Leikala and the Stupids were frustrated and didn’t know what to do. Finally they left through the front door. I peered through one of the glass doors and saw them get into a car across the parking lot. I hustled out the front door and hopped into one of the waiting taxis. I told the driver to follow that

going to do?” I said. “You will remain here, with the others, while I search the building,” Mr. Kim said. Before I could even argue, he sprinted up the stairs and past the cop into the building. He was very fast for a man of his age, and probably decided to run quickly so that I wouldn’t have time to wear him down with an argument. “This is no good,” I said aloud. “The building is too big for one person to search. They could escape before the cops get back! Guys—” I started. “Save it. You

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