Twenties Girl: A Novel

Twenties Girl: A Novel

Sophie Kinsella

Language: English

Pages: 448

ISBN: 0385342039

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Lara Lington has always had an overactive imagination, but suddenly that imagination seems to be in overdrive. Normal professional twenty-something young women don’t get visited by ghosts. Or do they?

When the spirit of Lara’s great-aunt Sadie—a feisty, demanding girl with firm ideas about fashion, love, and the right way to dance—mysteriously appears, she has one request: Lara must find a missing necklace that had been in Sadie’s possession for more than seventy-five years, because Sadie cannot rest without it.

Lara and Sadie make a hilarious sparring duo, and at first it seems as though they have nothing in common. But as the mission to find Sadie’s necklace leads to intrigue and a new romance for Lara, these very different “twenties” girls learn some surprising truths from and about each other. Written with all the irrepressible charm and humor that have made Sophie Kinsella’s books beloved by millions, Twenties Girl is also a deeply moving testament to the transcendent bonds of friendship and family. 

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great,” I murmur, pretending to be talking into a Dictaphone. “How’s Ed?” She manages to get about ten insinuating tones into one syllable. “Fine, thanks,” I say lightly. “He thinks I’m having a reunion with an old school friend.” “You know he’s told his mother about you.” “What?” I turn toward her. “How do you know?” “I happened to be passing his office the other night,” Sadie says airily. “So I thought I’d pop in, and he was on the phone. I just happened to catch a few snatches of his

good.” I nod. “What about ‘That’s right out of order, you wanker!’ ” “I was told ‘Bang out of order, you wanker,’ ” says Ed. “Was I misinformed?” “No, that’s OK too. But you need to work on the accent.” I watch as he changes gear efficiently and cruises past a red bus. “But I don’t understand. This is a really expensive car. What will you do with it when—” I stop myself before I can say any more, and cough feebly. “What?” Ed may be driving, but he’s as alert as ever. “Nothing.” I lower my

talking about innovating procedure, do you mean—” “Quick!” Sadie’s voice suddenly resounds in my ear, making me jump. “Ask him on a date! He’s leaving! You promised! Do it! Do-it-do-it-do-it—” OK!!!!!! I scrawl, flinching. JUST GIVE ME A SECOND. Sadie stalks to the other side of the room and watches me expectantly. After a while she starts making impatient Come on! gestures with her hands. Mr. American Frown has finished answering the sandy-haired guy and is pushing some papers into his

suspicious.…” I trail off, my face hot. DC Davies is looking at me like a teacher who’s caught you cheating in the geography exam. “Lara, I’m not sure you’re aware of this,” she says in calm, even tones. “But wasting police time is a criminal offense which can carry a penalty of imprisonment. If you have made a malicious accusation—” “I wasn’t being malicious!” I say in horror. “I was just …” “What, exactly?” Her eyes are fixed on mine. She isn’t going to let me off the hook. Now I’m really

“You see?” I can’t help muttering to Sadie. “He’s early. Now tell me he doesn’t care for me.” “He doesn’t know his own mind.” She shakes her head dismissively. “He’s like a ventriloquist’s dummy. I told him what to say. I told him what to think.” She’s such a bighead. “Look, you,” I say angrily. “You’re not as powerful as you think you are, OK? Josh is pretty strong-minded, if you want to know.” “Darling, I could make him dance on the table and sing ‘Baa Baa, Black Sheep’ if I wanted to!” she

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