Underneath the Southern Cross

Underneath the Southern Cross

Michael Hussey

Language: English

Pages: 448

ISBN: 1742708064

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The end of career biography of one of the most loved stars of Australian cricket is now available in paperback with a brand new cover, after selling over 30,000 copies in hardback. Michael Hussey's huge popularity does not rest solely on his incredible playing record. Popularly known as Mr Cricket, he made his Test debut against the West Indies in Brisbane in November 2005, and has scored 6,183 Test runs over 78 Tests in his career. But to his fans, it is the way he plays the game rather than simply the sum of his achievements that marks him out as one of the best-loved cricketers of his generation. He is a middle-order maestro with a batting average of 51.52, but he has always played cricket with an integrity and sense of values that is the epitome of what cricket stands for. His autobiography takes you behind the scenes to his world of cricket. From his lengthy struggle to break into the Australian side, through to his masterly achievements in the Australian team, in ODI and Indian Premier League - this book follows his extraordinary cricket career., with plenty of surprisingly frank admissions & behind the scenes dramas.

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I made speeches, which we tried to keep short. In our family we didn’t show our emotions easily. My breakdown during the wedding had caught my parents by surprise, and Dad speculated about where I’d got that gene. He traced it back to a third-generation auntie! For our honeymoon, we went to Maui for five or six days. We had a relaxing time, and arrived at Northampton as a newly married couple. We were shown to our new house, a two-storey place in a different part of town from where we’d lived

and so on, but I was in the viewing area and the call that he was going to bowl a big wide might be an urban myth. At any rate, Harmie charged in and the ball went to second slip. There was an eruption in the viewing area. Whoa, what happened there? I didn’t think the Harmison wide set the tone of the series. There were those legends about Michael Slater hitting De Freitas for four off the first ball in 1994–95 and it having a huge impact, but I don’t think one ball can do that. Harmison’s first

she could. I went home, to take charge of Jasmin and William, which was a shock to the system. The World Cup celebration was a distant memory. For a week, I was racing to and from hospital to be with Amy, taking the kids here and there, being a sole parent. I did enjoy looking after the kids, but by 7pm every day I was falling asleep on the couch with dishes everywhere, washing to be hung out, mess everywhere. Just a taste of what Amy had to do every day, week after week, while I was away. Amy

all made hundreds, Simmo played some excellent innings, and I was the only one not making a score. In the last Test in Barbados, a Suleiman Benn ball popped off a length and I was caught off the glove. I sat down in the dressing room and said, ‘Well, that sums up my damn tour.’ Ricky had a little chuckle and said, ‘Welcome to Test cricket.’ He was right, of course. It wasn’t all about peeling off hundreds. He’d been through these cycles a few times, and now it was my turn. We had a five-match

been brilliant in enticing young athletes to play cricket, which is paramount when other sporting codes are competing to sign them up from a young age. T20 has brought many more numbers to the game, and opened the door for more families, women and children to fall in love with cricket. But I do think it will have an impact on Test cricket. In T20 you’re trying to clear the front leg and get the arms free. My grounding was in getting in line, batting for long periods and building scores. I’m

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