Unleashed (Swindle #7)

Unleashed (Swindle #7)

Language: English

Pages: 208

ISBN: 0545709377

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Luthor, a former attack dog, is supposed to be on his best behavior now that he's in the care of Savannah, a girl who's easily a dog's best friend. But every time a certain truck passes by Savannah's house, Luthor goes into attack mode -- and chaos follows.

Meanwhile, Griffin Bing is locked in the fight of his life with his archenemy, Darren Vader. Both are trying to win an invention contest -- and will stop at nothing to be victorious.

A runaway dog. Some majorly strange inventions. A mysterious neighbor. A stolen object of great value. These are a few of the ingredients in Unleashed, Gordon Korman's latest Swindle mystery. Like a Doberman with a mission in mind, there's no holding this story back!

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Griffin threw aside the shower curtain. Nobody there. All at once, Ferret Face began struggling and flailing. “Chill out, little guy!” The pointy nose emerged from Ben’s collar, and the beady eyes looked straight up. Griffin and Ben craned their necks to follow the little ferret’s gaze. There, in the narrow channel below the open skylight, hung Pitch Benson, caught in the act of making her escape. “Pitch?” Griffin blurted. “What are you doing? We have a front door, you know.” Pitch jumped

his hind legs, his front paws churning the air. It was strangely rhythmic, like a dance — That was when she realized why all this was so familiar. It was the hip-hop dance — the one Luthor always did when he chased the exterminator’s truck and the Hover Handler was bringing him home! Only there was no Hover Handler this time. Melissa’s invention was gone. She looked around to get her bearings. They were at the end of Honeybee Street where the former shortcut to school now stood behind Mr.

different squad cars. The police were coming — a lot of them. And soon. “Code Z!” Griffin called. The team sprang into action. Every operation had a Code Z. It meant that the plan had to be abandoned, and pronto. The instant Griffin yanked the SH-9 free from the wiring of the streetlight, the neighborhood around Facility 107-B began to flicker back to life. Businesses’ neon signs glowed once more. The barber pole resumed its rotation. The clock in front of the bank came on again, forty-seven

“Hey, listen, Griffin,” Ben put in enthusiastically. “Guess what we saw when Mr. Drysdale was driving us over here? Heartless is taking down his fence.” Griffin was not impressed. “Probably so he can put up a bigger one.” “That’s what I figured. But when we stopped to ask him about it, he said anyone who’s been oppressed by the government is family, and we can cross his property whenever we want to.” “Savannah’s dad seemed pretty weirded out,” Logan added. “But I think we got our shortcut

back to Savannah, and deposited the silver mouse, drool-covered and slightly mangled, at her feet. Proudly, he looked up at her and waited for the gratitude and love that he knew he was entitled to. Well, what do you know? she thought to herself. All he wanted was to give me a present. Luthor never chased the exterminator’s truck again. DON’T MISS ANY ANTICS OF THE MAN WITH THE PLAN, GORDON KORMAN: SWINDLE ZOOBREAK FRAMED SHOWOFF HIDEOUT JACKPOT GORDON KORMAN GORDON KORMAN’s first six

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