Vedic Mathematics Made Easy

Vedic Mathematics Made Easy

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-Can you multiply 231072 by 110649 and get the answer in just a single line? -Can you find the cube root of 262144 or 704969 in two seconds? All this and al ot more is possible with the techniques of Vedic Mathematics described in this book.the techniques are useful for students,professionals and businessmen.The techniques of Vedic Mathematics have helped millions of students all over the world get rid of their fear of numbers and improve their scores in quantitative subjects.Primary and secondary school students have found the Vedic Mathematics approach very exciting.Those giving competitive exams like MBA,MCA,CET etc.,have asserted that Vedic mathematics has helped them crack the entrance tests of these exams. A best seller on,this book has so far beeen re-printed Twenty Eight times ever since it was first published in the year 2005!!

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will be 2 × 5 - 1 = 9. (If there are an unequal number of digits in the multiplicand and the multiplier, they should first be made equal by inserting 0’s at the appropriate places and then the formula must be used.) Most students will be able to guess the trend of the steps used in this system of multiplication by the mere observation of the examples that we have solved. This is because they follow a systematic pattern. The second characteristic of the Criss-Cross system of multiplication is

Now, I read the question and start the multiplication process using the Criss-Cross system. First, I multiply the extreme digits 1 by 2 and get the final answer as 2. My answer at this stage is _____2. Next, I cross multiply (2 × 2) and add it to (1 × 0). My final answer is 4. The answer at this stage is ____42. The moment I get the digits 4 and 2 as the last two digits of my answer, I discontinue the multiplication process and instantly tick option (c) as the correct answer to the problem.

vale and brook. To all readers of my first book, HOW TO TOP EXAMS & ENJOY STUDIES, for altering their sails in the direction of my wind. To all people who have created obstacles in my work: had you not given me autumn, how would I have realized the value of spring? To my Gurus. They showered their rain of knowledge on me when I was a bud so that I blossomed and become a beautiful flower. And even after I had blossomed, their teachings stayed with me in the form of dewdrops. To my publishers.

words, we have to express 36 as a difference of two squares. We will apply the same rule that we used in the previous example. We have to express the number 36 as a product of 2 numbers ‘a’ and ‘b’. In example (a) the value of sides AC and AB is 10 units and 8 units. In example (b) the value of sides AC and AB is 6.5 units and 2.5 units. In example (c) the value of sides AC and AB is 7.5 units and 4.5 units. We can verify: 62 = 102 - 82 62 = 6.52 - 2.52 62 = 7.52 - 4.52

Incorrect B (4) Correct B (5) Incorrect B (6) Correct B (7) Correct B (8) Correct B (9) Correct C (1) Alternative 3 C (2) Alternative 4 Chapter 9 A (a) A (b) Yes A (c) 10 A (d) 30 B (a) 58 (b) The sides will give equal totals by themselves (c) The value of centre-most square will be 12 units more in case (b) as compared to case (a). (d) The difference in final total will be 60 units (12 × 5) C (a) C (b) The first son should receive the cows as shown in the first

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