Vortex (Spin)

Vortex (Spin)

Robert Charles Wilson

Language: English

Pages: 368

ISBN: 0765363208

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Vortex tells the story of Turk Findley, the protagonist introduced in Axis, who is transported ten thousand years into the future by the mysterious entities called "the Hypotheticals." In this future humanity exists on a chain of planets connected by Hypothetical gateways; but Earth itself is a dying world, effectively quarantined.

Turk and his young friend Isaac Dvali are taken up by a community of fanatics who use them to enable a passage to the dying Earth, where they believe a prophecy of human/Hypothetical contact will be fulfilled. The prophecy is only partly true, however, and Turk must unravel the truth about the nature and purpose of the Hypotheticals before they carry him on a journey through warped time to the end of the universe itself.

Vortex is thrilling and complex science fiction novel from Hugo Award-winning author Robert Charles Wilson.

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stones in their mouths. I could smell their cooking, which was torture because I hadn’t been given anything to eat. Eventually a face appeared above the side of the cart. It was a man’s face. His skin was dark and wrinkly, but that was true of all the Farmers. He was bald except for his bushy eyebrows. His eyes were yellow around the iris and he looked at me with undisguised distaste. “You,” he said. “Can you sit up?” “I need to eat.” “If you can sit up you can eat.” I spent the next few

intoxication. “Except I’m not on Orrin’s case anymore. I can’t do anything to help him.” “I don’t expect you to. I probably shouldn’t have told you what I did, but—like you said, quid pro quo. And I’m still interested in your opinion of Orrin’s writing.” “So you think his document is what, some kind of coded confession?” “I honestly don’t know what Orrin’s document is. And although it mentions the warehouse—” “It does?” “In a section you haven’t read. But it’s hardly the kind of evidence you

future is at stake?” “You’re just some voice on the phone.” “All right, I’m going to hang up now. I don’t need you to say yes or no, Dr. Cole. I just want you to think about the situation. If you contribute to a satisfactory outcome in this matter you’ll be rewarded. Leave it at that.” “But I—” she began. Uselessly. The caller was gone. * * * She explained it all to Bose, surprisingly calmly—or maybe not so surprisingly, given the two glasses of wine she’d poured and gulped while she was

that remained of the Arch on Earth were two fractured stumps projecting from the Indian Ocean, the tallest rising five thousand feet above sea level. The Earth was entirely isolated now—as alone in the universe as it had been in the long millennia before the Spin. Turk and I didn’t talk about what we had said to each other that difficult night. Instead we took solace from simple words and simple warmth. We may have been false and inauthentic things, but at least we understood each other. Each of

all right. My body was numb. My mind was full of inexplicable lights and motion. I tried to stand and toppled over. Before my senses faded I heard the wail of a distant siren—it was the old autonomic defense system built into the city’s deep infrastructure, warning of an invasion I couldn’t see. * * * The people of Cloud Harbor had seen us coming. The warped spacetime around our temporal bubble, bleeding energy as it decelerated into the system, had broadcast easily detected bursts of

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