Well Done, Secret Seven

Well Done, Secret Seven

Enid Blyton

Language: English

Pages: 144

ISBN: 0340917563

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The Secret Seven have a new meeting place - a treehouse! But someone else is using it too. The gang are furious, but then they learn the intruder is in big trouble and needs their help. Can the Seven come to the rescue...?

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how they guessed you were here." " I think it's because of the kitten," said Jeff. " They've only got to ask if anyone has seen a boy with a kitten. Several people in the wood have seen me about—wood-men and walkers and such. Mr. Tizer and my uncle will get me in the end." " No, they won't," said Peter. " I must say I didn't like the look of them. Now—what are we going to do about all this ? " The Seven talked and talked. MKX. Who or what was that ? Emma Lane. How could they possibly find

you \ " " Fire ahead," said Daddy. " I can hardly wait to hear ! " " You're not to laugh, Daddy," said Janet. " The Secret Seven is a proper Society, and you know it's already done quite a lot of things." " I'm not really laughing," said Daddy. " Nor is Mummy. Tell us all about it." So Peter and Janet told the tale of their tree-house and Jeff and the kitten, and his wicked uncle and Mr. Tizer—and all the curious collection of things that Jeff had remembered. Daddy ate his tea all the

Right. Then we'll certainly do something to help him," said Daddy. " Go and get him now. I'll finish a job I'm on and be ready as soon as you get back." Peter and Janet set off rather gloomily to the tree-house. It was very, very damping to have Daddy and Mummy so certain that Jeff was a fraud. They didn't think he was. Well, now Jeff would have to go with them and tell Daddy everything. He would probably be so scared that he wouldn't say a word ! " I hope Jeff will come back with us," said

was," said Janet. " But we can't. I expect all the men in Mr. Tizer's gang have numbers or letters. But we're certainly putting a few of the jigsaw pieces together, Peter. Let's go and tell the others!" CHAPTER   SIXTEEN And Now MKX EVERY member of the Secret Seven felt excited when they heard the latest news. They thought that Janet had been very clever in realising that the red pillow was a mistake for red pillar-box. Barbara thought for a moment and then said that she wondered if the

Golly—I nearly forgot that ship book! I must get it out of the cubby-hole ! " He pulled it out, and then the two boys began to climb down the tree again, feeling carefully for footholds. It wasn't nearly so easy to climb down in the dark as it was in the daylight! " Good night," called the boy, gratefully. " And thanks for your help. Are you coming tomorrow? Could you bring me a spot of milk for my kitten, please ?" " Yes, of course—and a bit of fish if we can," called back Peter. " Don't

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