What Every Woman Knows

What Every Woman Knows

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James Wylie is about to make a move on the dambrod, and in the little Scotch room there is an awful silence befitting the occasion. James with his hand poised—for if he touches a piece he has to play it, Alick will see to that—raises his red head suddenly to read Alick's face. His father, who is Alick, is pretending to be in a panic lest James should make this move. James grins heartlessly, and his fingers are about to close on the 'man' when some instinct of self-preservation makes him peep once more. This time Alick is caught: the unholy ecstasy on his face tells as plain as porridge that he has been luring James to destruction. James glares; and, too late, his opponent is a simple old father again. James mops his head, sprawls in the manner most conducive to thought in the Wylie family, and, protruding his underlip, settles down to a reconsideration of the board. Alick blows out his cheeks, and a drop of water settles on the point of his nose.

Soul of a Whore and Purvis

Romeo and Juliet (The Complete Shakespeare Translated by Liang Shiqiu, Book 28) (Bilingual Edition)


The Fixer













does all things beautifully.) 'It is moonlight, Comtesse, on the Golden Horn.' 'Who are those two young things in a caïque?' 'Is he the brave Leander, Comtesse, and is she Hero of the Lamp?' 'No, she is the foolish wife of the French Ambassador, and he is a good-for-nothing British attaché trying to get her husband's secrets out of her.' 'Is it possible! They part at a certain garden gate.' 'Oh, Charles, Charles!' 'But you promised to come back; I waited there till dawn. Blanche, if you

can't think where we laid it down, John. It's not on that table, is it, James? (The WYLIES turn to look, and MAGGIE'S hand goes out to LADY SYBIL: JOHN SHAND, witness. It is a very determined hand, and presently a pendant is placed in it.) Here it is! (ALICK and the BROTHERS cluster round it, weigh it and appraise it.) ALICK. Preserve me. Is that stone real, Mr. Shand? JOHN (who has begun to look his grimmest). Yes. MAGGIE (who is now ready, if he wishes it, to take him on too). John says it's

him. She is with him. I think they are coming here.' (The COMTESSE is suddenly kind again.) 'Sybil? Shall I get rid of her?' 'No, I want her to be here, too. Now I shall know.' (The COMTESSE twists the little thing round.) 'Know what?' 'As soon as I look into his face I shall know.' (A delicious scent ushers in the fair SYBIL, who is as sweet as a milking stool. She greets MRS. SHAND with some alarm.) MAGGIE. How do you do, Lady Sybil? How pretty you look in that frock, (SYBIL rustles

of a young lad like that to make a speech when he hasn't a penny to bless himself with. ALICK. The Shands were always an impudent family, and jealous. I suppose that's the reason they haven't been on speaking terms with us this six years. Was it a good speech? DAVID (illustrating the family's generosity). It was very fine; but he needn't have made fun of me. MAGGIE (losing a stitch). He dared? DAVID (depressed). You see I can not get started on a speech without saying things like 'In rising

have a proposition to put before Mr. Shand, and women are out of place in business transactions. (The needles continue to click.) ALICK (sighing). We'll have to let her bide, David. DAVID (sternly). Woman. (But even this does not budge her.) Very well then, sit there, but don't interfere, mind. Mr. Shand, we're willing, the three of us, to lay out �300 on your education if— JOHN. Take care. DAVID (slowly, which is not his wont). On condition that five years from now, Maggie Wylie, if still

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