Winter's No Time to Sleep! (The Adventures of Sophie Mouse)

Winter's No Time to Sleep! (The Adventures of Sophie Mouse)

Language: English

Pages: 128

ISBN: 148144199X

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Sophie and her friends accidently awaken a hibernating hedgehog in the sixth book of The Adventures of Sophie Mouse!

Winter has finally arrived in Silverlake Forest and Sophie and her friends are having some snowy fun! While playing one day, they accidentally wake a hedgehog named Pippa who has been hibernating all winter. Though Pippa is a little foggy at first, Sophie, Hattie, and Owen show her all the fun things to do in wintertime. There’s ice skating on the pond, sledding down snowy hills, snow-animals to build, and so much more! The only problem is now that Pippa’s awake, will she ever be able to get back to sleep?

With easy-to-read language and illustrations on almost every page, the Adventures of Sophie Mouse chapter books are perfect for beginning readers.

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Snake peeked out. When she saw Sophie and Hattie, she flung it open wide. “Hello! Look at you, snow bunnies . . . I mean snow mouse and frog!” Owen peeked around his mom. “Sophie! Hattie!” he exclaimed. “Want to come sledding?” Sophie asked excitedly. Owen beamed. He looked at his mom for an okay. She nodded and smiled. In a flash, Owen zipped out the door. He squeezed between Sophie and Hattie. He slithered away fast, leaving a ripple pattern in the snow. “Come on!” Owen called back to

back. They pushed and pushed until Sophie rocketed away. The air ruffled Sophie’s fur. Snow sprayed into her eyes. The sled raced down the track Hattie and Owen had packed down. Sophie leaned forward, trying to go faster! She got to the bottom of the hill. And the sled kept going! It flew past the spots where Hattie and Owen had stopped. Oh no! thought Sophie. She was headed right for the bushes! Wake-Up Call Sophie—and the sled—plunged into the underbrush and came to a stop. Sophie could

Sophie, Hattie, and Owen quickly made their own skates too. Then they found some bendy pine twigs. They used them to tie the icicles to their feet. They helped Pippa put hers on. Then all four friends teetered onto the ice. “Whoa!” Pippa cried, slipping a little. She grabbed onto Sophie for balance. Sophie skated backward, holding Pippa’s hands. At first, Pippa was walking on the ice. But Sophie encouraged her to glide. “Watch Hattie. See how she pushes off with one foot and glides?” Pippa

eyes. Sophie began to sing. It was a lullaby that her dad loved about a sleepy squirrel. She sang the whole song twice. Pippa’s eyes were still closed. “Did it work?” Sophie whispered to Hattie. Pippa’s eyes popped open. “Nope,” she said. Hattie yawned. “It made me sleepy,” she said. Seeing Hattie yawn made Owen yawn. Then Sophie yawned too. The only one not yawning was Pippa. Owen spoke up. “My mom rocked me to sleep when I was little,” he said. “Too bad we don’t have a rocking chair,”

Sophie. Come home when your toes get cold.” Sophie’s dad was an architect. He was going to sketch at his desk—between snowball fights with Winston, of course. “Okay!” said Sophie. She bundled up in her warmest winter jacket. “Oh!” said Lily Mouse. “I almost forgot!” She got her tote bag. She pulled out a purple bundle, tied with a ribbon. Then she handed it to Sophie. “I’ve been knitting when business is slow,” she explained. “I finished it yesterday.” Sophie untied the ribbon. The bundle

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