Working Like a Dog: The Story of Working Dogs through History (Aspca Henry Bergh Children's Book Awards (Awards))

Working Like a Dog: The Story of Working Dogs through History (Aspca Henry Bergh Children's Book Awards (Awards))

Gena K. Gorrell

Language: English

Pages: 160

ISBN: 0887765890

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Winner of The 2003 ASPCA Henry Bergh Children’s Book Award

Included on VOYA’s ninth annual Nonfiction Honor List

Since the first hungry wolf bravely approached an ancient cooking fire and was rewarded with a scrap of meat, our lives and the lives of dogs have been interwoven. Dogs have worked for us as warriors with ammunition strapped to their bodies. Dogs have gone through snow, icy seas, and into the dangerous rubble of collapsed buildings to rescue us. Dogs, with their spectacular ability to detect odors, keep us safe by finding drugs and explosives. They lead us if we cannot see and react for us when we cannot hear. Most of all, they love us – and we love them.

This fascinating book by Norma Fleck Award-winner, Gena K. Gorrell, describes the dogs of history, the evolution of breeds for different purposes, and the training involved in preparing the modern-day heroes who find lost children, nab criminals, and point out contraband – heroes who just happen to be dogs.

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we have for detecting hidden caches of illegal foods and drugs – and the only tools that can walk along a moving carousel – they're not infallible. Some legal products smell very similar to illegal ones. And because they don't understand the reason for the search, dogs sometimes try to take shortcuts. They may look for cues: if the handler doesn't seem suspicious of someone, the dog may be careless too. Or they may check for the wrong item; one dog was trained on drug samples in plastic bags, and

patch of charred floorboard – the arson investigator takes a small sample for laboratory testing. If tests prove that accelerant was used, the “accidental fire” is investigated as a crime, and the motive and criminal are usually not hard to find. Firefighter Chuck Geno works with Logan, a yellow Lab who was donated to the fire department in Dearborn, Michigan, by an insurance company. It makes good sense for insurance companies to sponsor arson dogs; the harder it is to disguise a deliberate

poachers are foolish enough to keep running, Dart goes after them and captures them. “He's perfect for night work because he's almost all black,” says Bob. “He doesn't show up at all. And even though he's excited, he always keeps quiet until I call the warning.” When the dog finally does speak up, his size and his bark make him pretty scary. But Dart has his goofy side too. “I remember one day he alerted on a truck. I asked the owner to open up the back, and all I could see was flats and flats

bodies, especially those that have been hidden or buried. One dog in Michigan has moved from detective to archeologist. Part Doberman pinscher and part German pointer, Eagle started his career finding lost people and bodies, but now he and his owner, Sande Anderson, track down ancient human remains. When some bones were found in a field where a developer was building a subdivision, Eagle traced the limits of a long-lost 1800s cemetery by picking out fifty-five old gravesites. When historians

on, generation after generation. In Europe, the little lion-dogs were called Pekinese or Pekingese, after China's capital city of Peking (now Beijing). As first the puppies were purposely deformed into the desired shape, but eventually selective breeding created a size and shape that was inherited from generation to generation. Some dogs (such as Chihuahuas) have been bred for miniaturization, which reduces the dog's size but keeps the parts in proportion; others (like the bulldog) have been

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