World's Dirtiest Joke Book

World's Dirtiest Joke Book

Language: English

Pages: 160


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The electronic re-release of Steve Rossi's popular joke book. The World's Dirtiest Joke book got men of all ages in trouble for its filthy humor. Now you can download it on kindle to enjoy in password protected comfort.

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man not only was arrested, but got into further trouble because he did not come quietly. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The newlyweds were made for each other. He’s a famous Proctologist and she’s a pain in the ass. Two detectives were on a divorce case and creeping around outside their client’s wife’s bedroom window. She was in bed with another man. They were heavily involved in humping each other and going at it with a mouth-watering abandon. “Just as I thought,” said one detective. “Let’s go in

handwriting. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Young Roger had his eye to the keyhole watching as his brother was making out with his girlfriend, Rose. The kid was amazed. “Look at that! He’s got her tits in his mouth and she’s licking his cock. And I get chewed out for sucking my thumb.” ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ People who live in glass houses should fuck in the basement. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Millers were not getting along. Fifteen years of married life had left them a little dulled. Mrs. Miller

biology class was the answer to every pubescent thought. It was getting so bad that he was falling behind in his studies, fighting with his parents, and in general being a pain in the ass. But then one day he was all smiles. As he explained to his friends “I had my first wet dream and I really got a load off my mind.” ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ “My uncle was a self-made man.” “How was that?” “He was a millionaire.” “How was that? Was he a doctor? A lawyer? A politician?” “None of those things.

butcher we owe money to!” ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ “Do you know the difference between a chef’s salad and a good fuck?” “No, I don’t.” “Great. Let’s have lunch tomorrow.” ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The married couple had been wed for 18 years. On their 18th anniversary they decided to make love. After a while the husband asked: “Sweetheart, did I hurt you?” “No, why do you ask?” “Because you moved.” ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Bernice and Henriette were leaving the museum. “Did you see the statue

$30 a visit.” The plumber said, “When I was a doctor, that’s all I charged.” ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Question: Doc, If I were bitten by a rattlesnake on the ankle. What would you do? Doc: I would suck out the poison. Question: Suppose a rattlesnake bit me on the cock. Then what? Doc: Then you’re gonna die! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dr. Dubo (A psychiatrist) Doc: What is your problem? Guy: Doc, I had to shoot my dog. Doc: Was he mad? Guy: Well, he wasn’t exactly thrilled about it.

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