X Descending

X Descending

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Two startling films and the facts behind them reveal, once and for all, the existence of an incredible technology behind the UFO phenomenon.

As no other book has ever done, X-Descending documents how private study of an unpublished daylight, multi-witness UFO movie, filmed by veteran UFO researcher Ray Stanford, resulted in a major aerospace propulsion breakthrough. Until now, no book could show that aerospace propulsion science has directly benefited from studying a UFO movie. Author Christian Lambright not only does that, he provides an in-depth documentation of how it has occurred.

Lambright doesn't stop there. He goes on to open up the mysterious Paul Bennewitz case with startlingly detailed, hitherto unpublished color film-frame images clearly revealing that whatever objects Bennewitz saw and filmed within the Manzano Weapon Storage Area at Kirtland Air Force Base, N.M., they are exotic, technological, and nothing with which, even today, we are familiar.

Included in the account of the early experiences of Paul Bennewitz is a serious examination of the counterintelligence effort to suppress the evidence of what he had seen and filmed. This book names names.

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contingency. But whether he saw something known or unknown, AFOSI Counterintelligence would have needed to remain virtually invisible as it assessed and worked to control the situation. If there had been a sudden flurry of investigation and documents immediately after Paul's first call, there was a risk that, sooner or later, it would actually draw attention to what he had filmed and when it occurred. Likewise, if it ever became known that Counterintelligence was involved immediately, that

absolute confidence in Doty and held him in high regard. After my one brief conversation with Doty, I was convinced that he took his position seriously and that Edward's respect was deserved. They both seemed credible and cautious, although even then I did not condone what happened to Paul Bennewitz. I found both of them to be credible and cautious, even while I do not condone what happened to Paul Bennewitz. Others were involved in the November 1980 meeting, which was held in the office of a

series of requests to a number of agencies but, for no particular reason, this time I requested "any and all information" on three separate projects all at once, in the same letter. Asking about these three projects in the same request resulted in an interesting discovery. The NSA response to my request stated they had "no records" pertaining to the first two of the three projects. The response went on to say that the fees for a search for records on Project Aquarius would be approximately

production deal with HBO, Linda began to contact people involved with the Kirtland/Bennewitz incidents, and one of those she arranged to interview, perhaps the most significant one, was Richard Doty. The meeting they had, and what resulted from it, has all the earmarks of a ploy to waste her time in hopes that the HBO production would fall through, and to spread even more disinformation. Linda is a fascinating woman who, in 1980, produced the award-winning documentary, A Strange Harvest,

founder of Passplanet, Benoit Saint Girons, to see whether he maintained any information on people who posted on his site, perhaps an email address. Unfortunately, he had suffered computer problems in 2005 and if there had been any records, they were long gone. All that remained was the text in the messages. Even so, the fact of a Richard C. Doty describing being in Laos, in Phongsali, and at Long Tieng in this message certainly correlates with the original History Channel message. Furthermore,

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