You Can Present with Confidence: How to Speak Like a Pro, Dazzle Your Audience, and Get the Results You Want Every Time

You Can Present with Confidence: How to Speak Like a Pro, Dazzle Your Audience, and Get the Results You Want Every Time

Paul du Toit

Language: English

Pages: 184

ISBN: 2:00131044

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

As founding member and past president of the Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa, Paul du Toit gained critical insight into the secret for delivering a dazzling presentation--overcoming fear. In this conversational and easy-to-reference guide, he zeroes in on the five great fears most speakers face: * Fear of other people's opinions * Fear of confusing the presentation structure * Fear of not having enough material * Fear of audience questions * Fear of losing concentration
Offering breakthrough techniques for making maximum audience impact, the book is comprehensive, informative, and still fun to read. With contributions from renowned experts, it details valuable tools for beginners as well as seasoned presenters.

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to upgrade immediately using current technology. Next, you’d describe some benefits and downfalls of the two options you don’t recommend. This indicates your objectivity. Then you’d present the option you consider the best solution and persuasively (but not aggressively!) outline all of its key benefits. You may also wish to highlight a few downside consequences of not taking action on your recommendations. Of course, you don’t want to appear preachy; you’re simply “persuasively enlightening”

it becomes the dominant factor. 3. Make your movements slow and deliberate; this indicates confidence and credibility. 4. Use bold gestures to enhance your key points. Be aware that repetitive gestures or flapping about will detract from your message. 5. Use one of the following four feedback mechanisms to improve the visual aspects of your presentation: live audience, camcorder, digital recorder, or mirror. 6. Use cue cards as notes if necessary. Avoid putting notes on 8½ X 11 sheets

pitfalls A common pitfall of presenters is to speak too fast, giving the audience little time to reflect on each idea. A more controlled pace helps them use their voices better, creates more inflection and emphasis, and gets the point across with more impact. Ideally, you want to recreate your natural voice during a presentation—the one you automatically use when speaking with friends. The tension created by having to speak publicly often T he P ower of Your Voice 101 manifests in the vocal

with confidence But another important factor can cause your tension levels to skyrocket if not handled correctly—logistics. Logistics covers anything not related directly to dealing with audience members or to the talk itself. Any experienced presenter will testify to the enormous importance of getting the logistics right and the dire consequences of logistical details going wrong. Prepare for changing conditions Having logged up more than 100 recreational dives (that refers to scuba diving,

someone else to formulate an introduction for you, it will either F inishing T ouches 157 be too long or too short, or it won’t include the most appropriate information. Without the correct context being established, you start your talk at a disadvantage. A good introduction simply helps you put your best foot forward right from the start. Develop a good outro What about having a good “outro” planned, too? The outroducer— usually the same person as the introducer—can add tremendous value by

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