Zero-Time Selling: 10 Essential Steps to Accelerate Every Company's Sales

Zero-Time Selling: 10 Essential Steps to Accelerate Every Company's Sales

Andy Paul

Language: English

Pages: 127


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Customers today have a simple request of all sellers:
"Just give me the information I need. Now. Don't dress it up, don't overdo it, don't take me to lunch. The time I have to invest in you is limited, and all your extraneous activity just wastes my time."

Zero-Time Selling gives every sales professional, sales manager, entrepreneur and CEO the tools to be completely responsive to that customer request. And win more orders in less time.

Zero-Time Selling describes the 10 essential sales practices that will enable you to:
1. Sell more, faster, without adding headcount
2. Create value for customers and differentiate yourself from competitors by how you sell
3. Convert a greater percentage of your sales leads into orders
4. Build a loyal customer base and increase repeat business
5. Increase the productivity of all your sales channels

In today's fast-paced information-driven economy, your customers will acquire approximately 70% of the information they need to make an informed buying decision about your product or service from the Internet before they ever talk to your salesperson.

When they finally contact you, it means their need for information is time-sensitive and urgent. The sales team that is the first to respond with the complete answers to the customer's questions dramatically improves their chances to win the order. Zero-Time Selling shows you how to always be first.

Refreshingly free of the usual conceptual sales jargon, Zero-Time Selling presents an accessible, straightforward path to consistent sales success. It is incredibly easy to learn and compatible with any selling system or sales methods a company currently uses.

Based on his more than 30 years of sales, sales management and sales consulting experience across every type of sales channel and sales environment, Andy Paul knows how products are bought and sold.

Zero-Time Selling reflects his knowledge that in today's hypercompetitive sales environment "how" a company sells its products and services is as important as "what" they sell in creating value for the customer and effectively differentiating their company and offerings.

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techs who are experienced in chip and board design. All of them have used the product they are selling and can answer virtually any question the customer asks on the spot. Company B’s inside sales manager was an early employee at his company and understands the products very well. However, each independent sales rep in his network handles at least ten different lines of products. The reps were trained in Company B’s products when first hired, but they don’t deal with the product every day, and

busy—reading this book.” OK, then consider this. If you wanted to purchase a brand new TV where would you look? “I’d start with” That’s a reasonable approach. Amazon does a fantastic job of retailing, but they and their online competitors together account for about 20% of consumer electronics sales. The rest comes from brick-and-mortar consumer electronics retailers. “Yeah, I’d probably look there too. Best Buy or Walmart. Someplace like that.” You wouldn’t be alone. Virtually

organization. This is the Actual Decision-Maker. 2. Use the Solution Complexity Scale to identify who the Actual Decision-Maker will be for your product or service. 3. Avoid the gap and the temptation to oversell your product. SOLUTION #9 START SMALL Always start a new customer relationship with the smallest project possible. Here is a cautionary tale. A former client firm of mine, which I’ll call Ajaz Systems, had uncovered the single largest sales opportunity in their history.

they have their initial meeting with the seller’s salesperson. In addition, the carefully controlled reference accounts of the past have begun to lose value as customer feedback about a company and its products has become available online. The savvy buyer in today’s environment knows that perfect customer references should be treated with suspicion. In a world that’s in danger of having everything reduced to a ranking of one to five stars, imperfection has become more powerful: buyers disregard

$150 million on nearly every continent. Not once did the customer decide to purchase from my company while I was in the room. It doesn’t happen that way in B2B sales and rarely happens that way in consumer sales. In the B2B environment there is a decision-maker or a committee of decision-makers, or both. They gather all the information from the competing sellers and then make the decision internally, out of sight of the vendors. Who closes the order? No one. After the customer announces their

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