What’s the Jiu-Jitsu Matrix?

In the early 1990’s, before Youtube, Facebook and our other Social Media channels were prevalent and black belts in the United States were scarce, Philadelphia based instructor Phil Migliarese was traveling the world gathering information and techniques to bring back for his students.

He traveled to the Gracie Academy in California, where he learned to teach directly from Helio Gracie and UFC legend Royce Gracie; to Hawaii to learn from his own mentor Relson Gracie; to Brazil where the sport was embraced and growing daily; and  to various other locations as the sport was continuing to develop.

To keep in touch with his students while he was away, Phil created a simple email newsletter with some of the new material he had gathered.

In 2002, the newsletter became know as the Jiu-Jitsu Matrix (JJM). As word spread about this incredible source of new information, more and more students contacted Phil about receiving the Newsletter. Years later, the Newsletter reaches students throughout the world with one simple goal: sharing the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu lifestyle.

With the use of technology, Jiu Jitsu Matrix has reached all seven continents and continues to grow. Students can find ways to connect with Phil (and vice versa) through his Twitter and Facebook links, by emailing him with questions and continuing to grow the Jiu Jitsu Matrix network.

The Mission of Jiu Jitsu Matrix 2.0

As the internet continues to grow and so many people are posting and searching for Jiu-Jitsu online, the sources can become convoluted and therefore frustrating. To make your searches simpler and your lives easier, Jiu Jitsu Matrix is doing the work for you.

Making sense of the incredible amount of information online and distributing information in structured, digestible & understandable segments is what separates Jiu Jitsu Matrix from other sites.

This Newsletter continues to share high quality information from a variety of sources so that you, the student, can benefit.

Why is Phil so passionate about share through the Jiu Jitsu Matrix?

Phil Migliarese really wants to help and not everyone has a black belt in their neighborhood or even in their city.

This newsletter shares pertinent information with something for everyone – from white belts who are just beginning to black belts who want a place to refer or need further details themselves. Phil uses this forum to ensure that the classic techniques as taught by Helio Gracie as well as the evolution of the sport of BJJ are shared in a constructive, meaningful way. He wants everyone in Jiu Jitsu to learn the correct techniques and details.

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